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Professional grade services need professional grade equipment

At RHG, we've built our team to possess the cleaning industry experience and know-how to deliver cleaning systems that are functional, powerful, and affordable. We now offer multi-function industrial vacuum systems which can be built to RHG or custom specifications. One ideal use for our 3, 800 watt motor vacuum system is cleaning gutters. To complete our Gutter-Pro vacuum cleaning system, we manufacture in-house, a hybrid telescoping and modular 2" x 30' aluminum extension wand with 135° aluminum head for a total working reach of 35 feet.

Why a gutter vacuum cleaning system?

It is important for property owners to regularly have their gutters cleaned to prevent damage to roofs and structures. Manual gutter cleaning can be dangerous and messy. A single fall from a gutter-height ladder or from a roof could spell disaster for your health and business. Flushing gutters with large volumes of water is wasteful, and can create muddy spattering and over spray on the roof and siding of a building. Cleanup extends your time on a job and cuts your profits. Flushing can create clogs or worsen existing clogs in gutter down spouts. Cleaning gutters with high pressure air does not remove ugly leaves, needles, and debris. It simply moves them to a different part of the structure or property.

Gutter vacuums permanently remove leaves, needles, dirt, and debris, and collect the litter in a large drum. This process creates no unwanted mess or water waste. The debris can be removed off-site, a selling point for your gutter vacuum cleaning services.

Why Gutter-Pro by RHG?

rhg_VAC_1000pxhWith a Gutter-Pro gutter cleaning wand, you can complete your job from the safety of the ground. Gutter-Pro wands are constructed of light weight aluminum, more durable than brittle carbon fiber and more rigid than plastic. Our wands can be extended indefinitely. Or, you can use as few extensions as are needed to reach your working height. We use no sticky silicone components that contribute to clogging. All internal joints are finished and chamfered to further prevent clogs. RHG uses an easy-to-operate clamping system that requires no tools. The features of the Gutter-Pro vacuum have been chosen specifically for the task of gutter cleaning.