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What can RHG do for your business?

The products made and sold by RHG Products Company are useful for a broad range of applications. Water fed equipment designed for window cleaning has been widely repurposed to clean solar panels. Tucker® water fed poles and purification systems are ideal for the solar panel cleaner, or the window cleaner looking to add additional services to their offering.

What is Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning?

Pure water or water fed solar panel cleaning techniques are an alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Pure water solar cleaners utilize telescoping poles to reach difficult to access areas of panels and limit ladder use. The poles are fitted with a brush to agitate and remove surface grime and impurities. Pure water is delivered through the pole to the brush head through a narrow hose. The pure water washes away surface dirt and dries spot free, eliminating the need to squeegee.

Why Pure Water Solar Panel Cleaning?

wfp_solarCleaning solar panels on a regular basis will increase the panels efficiency. Dirty solar panels are not as efficient at producing power as clean panels. So why use a Tucker® pure water system to clean the panels? Unlike glass, photovoltaic solar panels are a complex and fragile array of cells. In addition to the many benefits enjoyed by pure water window cleaners, pure water solar panel cleaners have several distinct advantages over cleaners utilizing other methods. Chemicals used to clean solar panels can actually cause damage and deteriorate the surface of the panels. Chemicals may also leave residues which attract and trap dust and pollutants. Pure water has none of these drawbacks and can not harm the environment. Pure water solar panel cleaners can also reduce their exposure to the hazard inherent in cleaning at height. Telescoping water fed poles allow operators to limit time on ladders and movement on rooftops.

How to clean with water-fed equipment

Cleaning solar panels with a water-fed pole and pure water system is relatively simple. Simply scrub and rinse the entire surface with your Tucker® brush and allow the pure water to rinse the panel while you are agitating the surface of the panel. Be sure to scrub the entire surface to ensure that you do not leave any dirt behind. Rinsing with the Tucker® pure water system will leave you with a spot free surface and maximum efficiency from your panel system.

Choosing the right equipment

Now that you know what, why, and how to water-fed clean you are ready to chose the best equipment for your application.

How to choose the right water-fed pole'

Much like choosing a water-fed pole for window cleaning, the first step is to determine how long of a pole you need.
If you are working at a distance of under 30', we recommend using the Tucker® aluminum pole. If working beyond a distance of 30', we recommend using the Tucker® carbon fiber poles. At distances of greater than 30' the Tucker® carbon fiber pole will be much easier to use than an aluminum pole. The key to cleaning solar panels quickly and efficiently is a wider brush than you would normally use on windows. We manufacturer an 18" wide brush that is ideal for solar panel cleaning. The 18" Tucker® brush covers a large amount of surface area each time you move the pole up and down the panel. This decreases the amount of time and labor it takes to clean the panels.
As you can see in the image below, the difference between our carbon fiber poles and aluminum poles is very minimal at an extension of 20'. Beyond 30' we certainly recommend our carbon fiber range, but the aluminum poles are an incredible value up to that height.
Regardless of your choice, the pole will come with the worlds best window cleaning brush, the Tucker® brush.

How pure water systems work

In order to clean with a water-fed pole and achieve spot free results you need to purify the water coming from the tap water supply on your job site. All minerals need to be removed from the water to accomplish a spot free finish. If you do not purify the water you will be left with mineral spots on the surface after it dries.

Our systems provide you with spot free water very economically. Here's how: Stage 1 - Carbon Filtration - The RHG Carbon filter removes chlorine from the water. This is necessary to protect the next filter which does most of the work of the system. Stage 2 - Reverse Osmosis Filtration - The RHG RO Membranes work under pressure to remove 90% of the mineral deposits in the incoming water. This filter is the work horse of the system and it is what enables you to create very economical pure water. Stage 3 - Deionization Filtration - The RHG DI Filter is the final stage of filtration and it essentially polishes the water to remove the final 10% or so of mineral content left in the water after the RO filter. Once these final minerals have been removed from the water you are able to use the technique you learned to clean the surface.

How to choose the right pure water system

Most companies today are utilizing one of 2 different types of systems. Either a mobile cart based system like the Tucker® cart or one of our Fill N Go tank based systems. If you do not have the room for our tank based system in your truck, you will want to use our mobile cart system. Both utilize RHG pure water technology.
Here is a video explaining both the Tucker® cart as well as the Fill n Go.